Tesoro Action Center


Over the last several years, Tesoro has evolved into one of America’s leading independent transportation fuels manufacturers and marketers. During this growth, our company’s shared values have been premised on listening to the needs of our customers and the communities in which we operate as well as fostering greater communication between our employees and all levels of government. Today, energy production and its use are driving an American manufacturing renaissance that is leading to long overdue debates on public policies such as climate change, alternative fuels, exploration and product movement – all in the context of what is the proper level of government regulation in each.  While these policy debates take place at the national, state, and local levels, Tesoro views it as “mission critical” to facilitate not only an informed discussion, but also informed opinion being shared with our government officials.

This website offers information on some of the public policy issues we regard as affecting our customers, our communities, and employees.  We welcome, invite and encourage you to explore the information on ActTesoro and subject to your independent judgment, ask to join us in communicating with your elected representatives on these important issues.


It’s Time to Get Involved

American families and businesses depend upon affordable, safe, and secure sources of energy for their well-being. Although the deliberations in either Washington, DC, or in state capitols can seem remote and dysfunctional at times, our democratic form of government creates a responsibility for its citizens of constructive engagement. We hope that ActTesoro can help you do that.

If you ‘ActTesoro’ – you’re doing much more than clicking a button. You’ll be better informed, and you’ll be working to make government at any level less remote as well as more informed – by you, the citizens.

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